LEGO Bricks Aren't Just For Kids!

LEGO Bricks Are My Connection to my Mom!

I have loved LEGO bricks for as long as I can remember. I never gave my childhood collections away and always found a way to use them in teambuilding and tabletop exercises in my management and security classes. My Mom Doris hasn't known or recognized me in years. Yet somewhere in her brain she must remember the thousands of hours that we spent making LEGO creations together, because whenever I get the LEGO bricks out Mom's blank stare goes away, her eyes light up and she starts to instantly click the bricks together. LEGO bricks are my connection to my Mom and I love that! 

Playing with the LEGO bricks keeps Mom occupied and calm for long periods of time and she seems happy when she plays with them. I wanted to offer LEGO classes for kids and adults since they brought so much happiness to my Mom, so in 2014 I became a trained facilitator in a methodology called LEGO Serious Play which helps organizations communicate and work together more effectively. I also wrote my own courses for kids and adults that taps into their creativity. I also began creating fidget toys for Mom so she could keep her hands occupied while riding in the car. They worked so well for her that I opened an Etsy shop to sell fidget toys to other families with dementia or autism in their lives. 

LEGO-Themed Events

Building Your Bucket List!

Have a ball building all the things you want to do in your future using LEGO bricks! Dream it, Build it, Make it come true! Two hours of fun for less than a movie!

Play Your Way to Success!

Build 3-D Visions of your success using LEGO bricks! Unlock your creativity and use it to accomplish even greater success in your future! 

Business and Process Improvement using the LEGO Serious Play methodology

The LEGO Serious Play methodology helps organizations and employees increase communication, collaboration, productivity and teamwork all while having fun!