Books and Fidget Toys

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Being My Mom's Mom

Loretta's first book was published in 2013 and chronicles the events before and after her Mom Doris was diagnosed with dementia in 2006. She chronicled the details of doctor's visits and recorded people, places and things as a substitute for her Mom's memory loss. Loretta's book is faithful and funny, heartbreaking and hopeful. 


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Refreshment for the Caregiver's Spirit

Loretta's newest book, published in September of 2017, is a collection of photos from Loretta's travels accompanied by her motivational quotes to uplift the spirit of caregivers. 


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Fidget Toys for Dementia Patients

Loretta's Mom loves the fidget toys made out of LEGO bricks. They keep her hand and minds busy and her anxiety down. Know someone who could benefit from the fidget toys? Contact Loretta at for fidget toy information and ordering.