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Coming Out of the Dark –   A Road to Restoration


There are moments of keen awareness of who one is and why one was born. Moments when life’s point and purpose are clear. Moments when, proverbially, the sky, cloudless, stretches overhead as a brilliantly azure and protective canopy and when the breeze is balmy and comforting.

Yet, so soon sunlight can give way to storm. In a moment of loss – when a cherished hope or expectation is shattered, when a long-desired dream is delayed or, worse, denied, when betrayal is borne by the hand of one near and dear, when serious illness comes and abides, when a loved one dies – light is enveloped in shadow, life is shrouded in darkness. And with eyes filled with tears, it may be impossible, at least for an instant, to imagine the possibility of beholding the world and one’s self through the lens of hope.

However, even when ensnared, in the words of the poet, “in the fell clutch of circumstance”, a moment of great and grave loss, it is possible to feel the pulse of the heart’s longing for restoration, the soul’s yearning to come, paraphrasing the New Testament (1 Peter 2.9), out of the darkness into glorious light.

 So, come and restore.

Love: A Matter of Will –                 Living Beyond My Feelings


Love. Whether an ideal or something real, variously experienced as the inspiration of many a poet, the theme of numberless songs, the quest of a thousand hearts and the reason offered at the start of countless relationships.

Love. Even when ardently sought, never wholly possessed, yet, when, even with the slightest grasp, discovered, that which can bring down the mighty, humbling the strong and lifting up the lowly, making brave the weak.

Love. That which springs from the heart, welling up, becoming a raging torrent that can overwhelm, indeed, transform us.

But is that all love is? A feeling that, as emotions run, comes and goes, ebbs and flows, rises and falls, waxes and wanes? Or is love – can love be – more? An ability to act? Even more, a capacity one can choose to use? Still more, a power that, in the words of the song, is “divine, all loves excelling”?

If so, how do we grasp such an abiding love that empowers us to act beyond our feelings?

Come, explore

Love and Forgiveness:         An Exploration


Nearly all of the religious and philosophical traditions teach us that in order to love others we must first love ourselves. All of life teaches us that as we identify expectations, they, at times, are not met, leading to disappointment, hurt, anger, potentially, abiding bitterness. Many of these disappointments come at the hands of others, leading us to face the reality of our need (if not always our desire) to forgive. 

Forgiveness (that act by which one acknowledges hurt, and then, willfully suspending the desire for revenge, liberates the offender from bondage to one’s anger and, thus, liberates one’s self from the scourge of bitterness), in a real sense, is about self-love.

 Come, explore.

One-Day Retreat –                     Rest for the Weary


In a world of unending movement and never-ending labor, non-stop communication and all-hours access, we live and lead a frenzied existence. 

Life can be characterized as a web in which we, commonly and constantly, are caught, suspended in a state of limited time and energy to lend to unlimited tasks and duties,requiring, demanding that our pace be one of haste and our unspoken creed, speed.

In the midst of all this, we, fundamentally, are and remain human beings, not merely human doings. Thus, our hearts long for peace, even a moment in time to draw apart to rest and to refresh.

 When can (and, as importantly, where do) we find that quintessential “hush” in which our souls might experience renewal?

Come for a one-day retreat.           yourself to a moment of Sabbath rest.


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